Zoltán Halasi: Peace with us or the transition


October 9, 2021 | Saturday | 20:00

performed by the Trianon Trupp

Readers theater


The word revue by Zoltán Halasi models one or more system changes in Hungary. Its scene is a public tribune trial after 1945. The defendant is the fallen Horthy regime. The victim, the plaintiff and the judge is the Hungarian nation. The goal is the self-examination, soul-searching, the acknowledge of responsibility – it would be. What is instead? The usual. Self-acquittal, finding scapegoats, retribution. In the meantime, we analyze Trianon: negotiation within the negotiation. Statesmen idly share the horrific antecedents of the peace terms, red and white terror groups bragging about their vicious atrocities. On the signing ceremony, the Big and Little Entente remove the democratic mask, humiliating in the mud the Hungarian delegation, the red-white-green thread is the motif of revision in the piece. The new leadership vanquishes, the opportunists relocate, the wounds survive. The characters of the play are not persons – institutions, ideologies, loudspeakers of motives: Hungária, Nyugat (West), Szentkorona (Holy Crown), Gazdák (Gentry), etc. „Peace with us” is the virtuosic satire of the Hungarian collective consciousness, public perception. Till the end living historical cliches battle in our heads. And rushing from one dictatorship to the next.


Ticket: 1500 HUF, available before the performance at the spot.