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11th of November 2019., Monday 2.00 PM

Your story
Discussing digital imagery

The symposium is organized by the Institute of Art Theory and Methodology of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

The participants seek to identify and interpret the characteristics of digital imagery that has become commonplace since the turn of the millennium. They will explore the possible ways to communicate through digital still images, with particular attention to everyday photography consumption. They ask the following questions: how do photographers and consumers convey their identity and the identities of the groups they belong to? How do they use pictures to convey stories, events and attitudes? How are images manipulated, often in very creative ways, and what has changed in terms of self-presentation, the transfer of the information and knowledge, and the emotions images stir in others? What channels are used to spread images and how does image-based communication work? How can visual professionals, or even untrained consumers, manage the flood of jpg files? The diverse interlocutors guarantee an exciting and informative discussion: the participants include young adults and grandparents, metropolitan and rural inhabitants, artists and scholars, women and men, photographers and consumers of photography. That is: András Bán, art critic, retired university lecturer, Réka Borda, online marketing expert, poet, Tibor Gyenis, fine artist, university lecturer, Alexandra Karakas PhD student, and József R. Nagy visual anthropologist, university lecturer.