YBL Days


5-7 February 2020

School beyond the the bounderies of architecture

Accompanying exhibitions:
Hervé hall: Workshop_Designs

Breuer terem: Architect MSC Complex Design_Student Designs/ Teacher Designs – With no requirements of grenre, size, or subject

Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 18.00

 “YBL fac(ad)es from the past”

host/moderator: Csontos Györgyi

introductory remarks: Anthony Gall

Film screening: Miklós Ybl’s Legacy, 2014 (editor/director: Csontos Györgyi)

19.00       A brief analytical presentation of our faculty’s life’s work

20.00        Commemoration of teachers Kornél Beszédes, Gábor Reischl and Jenő Kapy.

Participants/guests: Beszédes Rita, Börcsök László, Szily Imre Balázs