Windstorm. Photo/art from the collection of László Zimányi

fine arts

March 30, 2022 | Wednesday | 18:00

László Zimányi in conversation with Gábor Ébli


The exhibition is part of the official program of the Budapest Photo Festival 2022


                finissage: 2022 04 25


Since its establishment in 2017, the Festival regularly presents a photo/art selection from collections. The Szöllősi-Nagy–Nemes Collection was on display in three different locations with a respective catalogue, and the Arcana Collection in two venues with its catalogue. Furthermore, we exhibited the Balázs–Dénes, Gonda–Hetényi and the Csaba Kertész collections. In 2022, works from the László Zimányi collection – that is mostly known about its paintings – will be shown: lyrical (Demeter Balla, Lenke Szilágyi) and social documentary (Attila Csáji, András Koncz) photo compositions.

As regards the Zimányi collection, the idea of a photography selection grew out of previous, expansive exhibition of the works. László Zimányi, graduated as a chemist and who since the fall of socialism has been the CEO of his family business distributing hunting clothing, was born in 1950 in Ózd. He spent most of his childhood in Eger and he represented his collection extensively in the Kepes center in Eger in 2018.

This aforementioned exhibition mirrored the scales of the collection adequately: painters dominated from the Szentendre-based artists through the Zugló Circle to the contemporaries, for example to the work of János Demeter Lóránt which work gave the title of the exhibition, „Nahát!”. Regarding the time frame, the core of the collection is the era between 1956 and 1990, however it is not limited to it. The pieces are artworks that can place into new refraction the decades the collector lived through.

Already at the Eger display, there was a small scale photo selection. The portraits showing renowned artists first served as a high quality documentation accompanying the paintings, then it became also an act of honor towards the painters. Nevertheless, eventually photography obtained a serious, independent position within the collection. This new 2022 exhibition introduces this new chapter in FUGA.

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