the post-stadium-stage

fine arts

Octóber 7, 2021 | Thursday | 19:00

opens: József Mélyi, art historian

finissage: 2021 10 18

Building stadiums, in Hungary and around the world, led to concrete craters and the tangible desolation born within became especially more emphasized during the pandemic. What does the society do with these oversized edifices, once they lose their original functions? There are numerous international examples for creative re-use: prison, refugee camp, pandemic hospital, just to name a few of those that were accommodated within sport venues.

Can a stadium turn into a venue of meditation, retreat and soul-searching instead of different sport activities and concerts? Is it possible to plant trees on the bleachers?

Using this as a starting point, we released a call for creative competition in 2021 for masterplans and conceptions of stadium re-utilization. To the call, plenty contemporary creator applied with their ideas, renders. The exhibition displays the selected works.



János Bali  ❚  Péter Debreczeni  ❚  Márk Fridvalszki  ❚  haimey (Haibo Illés and Richárd Melykó)  ❚ Márk Horváth  ❚  Soma Kazsimér  ❚  Flóra Kőszeghy  ❚  Annamária Müller  ❚  Dóra Palatinus  ❚  Zsombor Pólya  ❚ Éva Szabó  ❚ Fruzsina Takáts 


Jury members:

Zsófia Csomay, architect, Jury President

Márió Z. Nemes, aesthete

J. A. Tillmann, philosopher

Dénes Peták, curator