That’s How I See


Friday, 17th May 2019 at 18.00

introductory remarks: József Füles Tóth

opened by: Tibor Keszthelyi Tibor, COO of Főmterv

open until: 2019 06 10

Since 1988 I have been working as a technical photographer at FŐMTERV Civil Engineering Design Pte, where I document civil engineering implementations. In this exhibition, I reveal some construction secrets that I have had the privilege to experience.

I was there at the renovation of Liberty Bridge and Margaret Bridge. I saw the underwater wreckage from seventy years ago, I passed through a 1.4-meter-wide channel 22 meters below the Danube, I went for a ride on the tunnel boring machine of Metro Line 4, took pictures of the half-built subway stops from a crane. I have seen conventional as well as mechanized railroad constructions, where they remove the old rails and laid down the new ones simultaneously. I have been to a highway construction where bridges grew out of nothing, connected by graphite colored roads. I saw Pentele Bridge being floated into place, I took photos from a helicopter and from atop a lift truck suspending me 50 meters above the Bridge, from where the 10,500-ton steel bridge structure seemed to float on the Danube like a matchbox.

/Ágnes Szikszay/