Texhibition VI


January 8, 2022 | Saturday | 17:00

Exhibition of Finnish and Hungarian textile artists

The exhibition is part of the Design Without Borders exhibition and the Transparent Sound New Music Festival

Exhibitors: Viola Balázs, Vivien Bene, Réka Csíkszentmihályi, Viki Harányi, Evelin Horváth, Márta Kanics, Ágnes Kollár, Daniella Koós, Gabi Lőrincz V., Réka Molnár, Viktória Molnár, Emília Pájer, Anna Regős, Eszter Söptei, Erzsébet Szabolcs, Szilvia Szigeti, Berta Ujváry, Szilvia Vereczkey, Márta Vető, Tara Zsófia Vörös, Gwendolin Zimonyi

Guest exhibitor:  Erja Hirvi (FI)

Invited guest: Mária T. Doromby, Noémi Ferenczy Award-winner textile artist

Host of the vernissage: Szilvia Szigeti, Noémi Ferenczy Award-winner textile artist, curator of the exhibition

Kamara Kör members participating: Kristóf Tóth (violin), Róza Radnóti (piano)
The exhibition takes place with close cooperation with and accompanied by the events of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival.


Finissage: 23 01 2022


In the selection, now on display for the sixth time, one can find the new works of 21 local designers along with the textiles of Erja Hirvi, stardesigner of the Finnish Marimekko.

The goal of the TEXHIBITION, established in 2015 upon the initiation of Szilvia Szigeti, is to raise the awareness about the textile industry that was a major sector of the economy previously, about those who are active in this discipline of art, and about the creative opportunities hidden within this field. The contributing designers and producers create prototype collection out of their creative partnership, collections that the creators might use carte blanche afterwards, while collectively looking into future opportunities of commercial sale, development and international relations. Some pieces of the brand new works one could see traditionally as part of the exhibition Design Without Borders.

During the six years of TEXHIBITION, more than 50 textile designers created prototypical collections with nearly 200 different pattern and color variations in cooperation with numerous textile producer companies. The textile-designer applied art professionals working along several stylistic directions – jacquard and shafting, transfer and digital printing, etc. – present not only home textiles but also unique artworks are part of the display. The initiative also seeks to enhance the dialogue between the generations, thus 4-5 upcoming textile designers are invited along with those of established careers in the profession.

This time 21 artists’ works are presented, which were produced by Meritum Kft. – Aste Furniture textile and Home Textile, a Csárda-Tex Kft. And the Lénárd Flag Production Kft. Apart from the textiles designed on knitting technologies, unique textiles of Emília Pájer and Noémi Ferenczy Award-winner Szilvia Vereczkey; and the 3D-animated innovative work and video animation of Gwendolin Zimonyi will be exhibited. Latter work won the textile category of the Design Without Borders and was made by Laguna Lakástextil Kft., established in 2018.

The TEXHIBITION annually invites foreign designers either: this year the designer of the internationally renowned MARIMEKKO, Erja Hirvi is the guest exhibitor. Defining motives of the creator’s works are the close contact with nature, the travel-based inspiration. Her spectacular works are characterized by decorative, broadly drawn graphics, humor, bright coloring, while sometimes by their exact opposite, subtle and restricted tones.

In 2022, TEXHIBITION is in cooperation with the Transparent Sound New Music Festival. This time, the textiles exhibited in the main hall of FUGA serve inspiration, and at the same time, scene for the opening concert given by the Kamara Kör and for the closing concert of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival. As regards the latter, soloists of the program works are going to perform the composition in front of the most matching artworks, reflecting intertwined benign relationship of the rhythm, the common language and the different formal and substantial elements’ visual and musical presentation of textile design and composing.


The exhibition is accompanied by concerts, professional lectures and exhibition tours.

Detailed program to be found on the following websites:



Janury 23, 2022. 18:00

Closing concert of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival


Contact: Szilvia Szigeti 06 20 567 2727

Media referee: Gabriella Rothman 06 20 331 4033


Due to the current pandemic situation, the participation of the opening is limited and requires prior registration. Participation is possible with the proper use of FFP2 face mask. Registration is possible at: with TEXHIBITION in the subject field. Registration is open until 8pm January 7, 2021.