Térey János: Nagy tervekkel jöttem Rosmersholmba


Thursday, 12th September 2019 at 19.00

Térey János: Nagy tervekkel jöttem Rosmersholmba

Jelenkor Kiadó, 2019

At the book launch, Bence Sárközy, Director of Jelenkor Publishing, interviews discusses the volume with Júlia Tóth-Czifra and Péter Szirák

Poetry reading by Eszter Csákányi, musical performance by Zsolt Prieger

Rosmersholm: home of big plans, big dreams, lost faiths, wasted opportunities. The twilight of the bourgeois world order, a metaphor of the desire for freedom and a desperate search for happiness, adapted for our time from Henrik Ibsen’s drama.

In János Térey‘s poems and short prose, the imprints of personal and historical recollections and individual and social neuroses resonate on multiple levels. The character and landscape mythology elaborated in Térey’s oeuvre echoes through the poems of the mature artist: he revisits Debrecen and its surroundings, the streets of Budapest, houses and their stories, summers at Lake Balaton, as well as global metropolises and their millennial past. In short, landscapes with their man-made depths. The lyrical poems’ tone covers a wide range: intimate, cold, subjective, ironic, as Térey’s poetic gaze ruthlessly scrutinizes a “country behind curtains.”

The volume’s composition reflects the wishes of the late author, who was not able to see his last works published.érey_nagytervekkeljöttemrosmersholmba