October 21, 2021 | Thursday | 19:00

Exhibition of Katalin B. Csernyánszki

opens: István Sinkó

contribution by the KVV Kamarakórus

finissage: 2021 11 08

The underlying mechanics of my works made in the near past are the perceived events and discussed topics seen around myself. My contribution to the ribbon category of the 6th Szombathely Textile Triennale is the minimized summary of these suggestions.

In my fifth exhibition, taking place in the István Janáky room of FUGA, I create an atmosphere of entering a chapel, where colorful windowpanes are replaced by glowing textiles.

I think together with those who are touched and interested by the processes determining our days and lives. My textiles are the reflected forms of these ruminations.

/Katalin B. Csernyánszky/