Simon-Mazula Tibor: Elemi szépség / Pure Beauty

fine arts

Thursday, 19th September 2019 at 19.00

Simon-Mazula Tibor: Elemi szépség / Pure Beauty

Sfumato Művészeti Társaság, 2019

performance: Pálfalusi Zsolt

Painter Tibor Simon-Mazula‘s album, which was published in September, features his works from the past seven years from San Francisco and Budapest. The paintings are accompanied by texts from acclaimed Hungarian and American art critics (Ditta Tóth, David Riffert), writers (Jenny E. Balisle, Jack Hirschman), artists (Carolyn Meyer, Drew Price, Shawn Vales) and musicians (Zoltán Kőváry, Krisztián Szűcs), all written specifically for the album.

Tibor Simon-Mazula has had exhibitions in the United States (Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art), and he has also been featured at the SCOPE Miami Beach art fair. His works have been exhibited in major West Coast galleries (White Walls & Shooting, DAX), alongside contemporary greats such as M.C. Escher, Keith Haring, Don Ed Hardy or Ben Eine.

Writer and aesthete Zsolt Pálfalusi introduces the album through an exceptional audio-visual performance. 27 of the pictures in the volume are currently exhibited at the Munkácsy Mihály Museum in Békéscsaba until October 13.