Okkult coaching

fine arts

Thursday, 30t May 2019 at 19.00

Exhibition by László Horváth and Máté Takács 

opened by: Tillmann J. A.

open until: 2019 06 17

Nowadays, it is unfashionable to live unscientifically, to operate not on principles grounded in science, but to believe uncompromisingly in an undetermined future, without ever betraying one’s faith to the conscienceless postmodern man. This is especially unfashionable when the hologram of conceptual art, projected onto the numerical axis of desire, is still divisible by at least two, and the digitizable fractions of the ghost images of technology, as the perfect doppelgangers of themselves, promote the absorption of the individual into the nylon bag of art history.

Two rebellious dreamers, Rat and Rabbit, go against the warning signs, make assertions, and with the help of spiritual breadcrumbs laced with hallucinogenic substances, they are determined to distinguish the labyrinth of confrontation, desires, sins, magic, and the psyche. They lead their blindfolded victims: prudishness, bigotry, determinism and taboos to the slaughterhouse of compulsory humanity…

László Horváth and Máté Takács, the untrained masters of occult-cybernetics, invite you to their sanctuary.