Mónika Ferencz: Advanced diving


September 16, 2021, Thursday, 18:00

Book Launch

Mónika Ferencz, after her successful debut (Noon behind my back, Budapest, 2017), attempts in her second book to sketch the outlines of the new woman, who is just as open to ecological and social ills as to patterns in couple relationship or to language of dreams. She is looking for the meaningful words and is not afraid to dive deep into the psyche in order to explore her own words, that might be summoned for help after awakening. The most likable about the responsibility taken that is detectable throughout is that it lays emphasis mostly on poetry, hence it is honest at its best, it remains original and liberating. But how do so many poetical question fit into such a slim volume? And so many puissant troves? I suspect that it is already clear for the author that the question is essentially its own answer also and both are inhibited in the way the poem touches upon. I wish emotional moments to all of you, dear reader.