MM_C Mőcsény Centenary

landscape architecture

Tuesday, 3 December 2019, 15.00

MM_CMőcsény Centenary

Mihály Mőcsényi‘s professional career in 24 photos, conference and workshops

curators: Bardóczi Sándor, Gerzánics Annamária, Szilágyi Kinga

the exhibition is open until: 2020 01 13

Through material from the Mőcsény Archives, the exhibition introduces the main stages of Mőcsény’s professional career in landscape architectural research, design and conservation. In addition to his work as a landscape architect, the exhibition also recounts how higher education in landscape architecture has progressed over the years, including the establishment of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, and how the international positioning of Hungarian landscape architecture has evolved.

15.00       opened by: Füleky Zsolt, Prime Minister’s Office, Deputy State Secretary for Architecture and Construction

16.00       Dinyés Family Consort

16.30        Conference: Mihály Mőcsényi‘s oeuvre, as it lives on in the memory of his colleagues, admirers and students – lectures and commemoration

chairpersons: Gerzánics Annamária, Herczeg Ágnes

17.45       Book review: Mártonffy Miklós, chief architect, Metropolitan City Planning Department

Zöldinfrastruktúra füzetek: Belvárosi belső udvarok megújítása

Organizers: Chamber of Hungarian Architects Department of Landscape and Landscape Architecture, Hungarian Association of Landscape Architects, ICOMOS Hungarian National Committee of Historic Gardens and Garden Art, Imre Ormos Foundation, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Landscape Architecture Subcommittee

Sponsors: Prime Minister’s Office, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Imre Ormos Foundation, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Town Planning, professional organizations and companies, admirers and students of Professor Mőcsényi