Magyar szcenográfia, 2007–2017 / Hungarian Stage Design II.


Monday, 21st of October 2019, 5.00 PM

Book launch

Magyar szcenográfia, 2007–2017 / Hungarian Stage Design II.      

The book launch will be opened by graphic artist Zsolt Czakó, graphic editor of the book

Speakers: Kentaur Erkel László, Chairman of the Association of Hungarian Visual, Set and Costume Designers (MALÁT), and Zeke Edit, publishing supervisor

Guests: Kálmán Eszter, Balázs Juli set and costume designers representing the Hungarian installation team that won in the Countries and Regions category of the PQ 2019 International Exhibition

The book was published by the Association of Hungarian Visual, Set and Costume Designers (MALÁT), which also organizes an annual exhibition in FUGA titled Látványtér.

The comprehensive documentation of Hungarian stage design between 2007-2017 follows the example of the previous book, appearing as the second volume of the series. The book contains high quality images of works by the period’s most significant designers, giving an accurate picture of the diversity of genre and style in Hungarian theater art.

The book was published with the support of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary and the Hungarian Academy of Arts.