Lovra Éva: Városok az Osztrák-Magyar Monarchiában


Thursday, 5 March 2020, 18.00

Book Launch

Lovra Éva: Városok az Osztrák-Magyar Monarchiában. Városszövet és várostipológia 18671918
Terc Kiadó, 2020

the book is presented by: Tamás Meggyesi and Béla Nagy, architects-urbanists

The towns of the Habsburg Empire at the age of Austro-Hungarian Compromise have similar history and appearance. The periode between 1867 and 1918 was a special age of urban development, when Hungary could reach Europe, perhaps for the last time. This special concept of Central-European is in the focus of Éva Lovra’s book: the urban pattern/landscape/structure, morphology. The typology covers 41 types of urban pattern, 16 basic and permanent urban types, all are presented in maps, schemes and photos  and through the examples of Hungarian towns, as well as Vienna, Brno, Prague, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Lemberg.