International Piranesi Award 2021


January 26, 2022 | Wednesday | 18:00

finissage: 14 02 2022

The 32nd Piranesi Award was awarded on November 26, 2021 during the Piran Days of Architecture (PDA). This time, the main prize was won by Építész Stúdió (architects: Zsolt Félix, Tamás Fialovszky, Bálint Gulyás and Gergely Kenéz) with their Saint Gellért Hall (Sports and event hall for the Saint Margaret High School).


The Piran Days of Architecture is internationally one of the most historic and renowned international architectural conferences that annually presents the freshest architectural trends and the most innovative ideas for spatial planning. The conference is accompanied by numerous architectural events, of which the most important is the international architectural exhibition. In 2021, 54 works from 11 countries were nominated by professionals based on their national selections (5 nominations by country). Architects from Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia competed.


Part of the exhibition is the competition of architecture students. 37 student works were selected from 19 European faculties by the invited nominators: students from Graz, Spittal, Vienna, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Split, Zagreb, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Pescara, Triest, Podgorica, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Maribor, Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and the AA School of London participated.


Eventually 81 projects arrived to Piran: 47 finalized works and 34 student works from the past two years.


The Piranesi Award is an annual prize established in 1989. 2021 was the 32nd time. The Piranesi Award Jury met in the Monfort Exhibition Hall of Portorose on Nivember 26, 2021. The award jury always consist the headline of the conference, in 2021 with Sandy Attia, Levente Szabó, Daniela Škarica, Ivana Žalac, Christian Ambos, Carles Enrich Gimenez, Matija Bevk. The jury was presided by Eva Mavsar, Vesna Perovnik and Tatjana Sirk.

International 2021 Piranesi Student Honorable Mention
RIsort, Aquatorium Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia, 2019/2020
Students: Matija Babić, Antonija Balić, Karla Jelić-Balta, Martin Mertz, Andro Mihalac, Fran Mikolić, Luka Šen
Consulent: Idis Turato 
International 2021 Piranesi Honorable Mention
Market Place, Ptuj, Slovenia, 2020
architect: Arhitektura Krušec
landscape architect: Studio AKKA
International 2021 Piranesi Honorable Mention
Pet Crematorium, Drnov, Czechai, 2021
architect: Petr Hájek, Martin Stoss, Cornelia Klein
Piranesi Award 2021

Saint Gellért Hall (Sports and event hall for the Saint Margaret High School, 2020

architect: Építész Stúdió, Zsolt Félix, Tamás Fialovszky, Bálint Gulyás, Gergely Kenéz