Icons of Pest-buda


March 18, 2022 | Friday | 18:00

„On descendants of Árpád dangled the tail coat” – Urban history program series #2


What does fashion mean for a community? Who dictates the fashion and to what extent can someone resist and go against it? What is the political content of a given piece of cloth and how dressing can become a determining question of an entire social movement? On the next event of our urban history series, fashion icons, fashion magazines and looks will be in focus.


host: Zoltán Fónagy, historian

contributors: Zsolt Mészáros, museologist (PIM); Csilla Kollár, museologist (Hungarian National Museum); Kristóf Darvas, pianist; and actor István Hirtling


Ticket: 300 HUF

Please keep in mind that attendance is limited to 30 persons, hence tickets are available limitedly. For the online ticket sale, please visit our platforms.



How can we tangibly approach the bustling, strikingly developing city that exists in the common knowledge as the location of national self-consciousness and development? Who forms the spaces and what Petőfi might see while walking on the streets of Pest? And what is the most important: how can we recognize Budapest at its dawn as capital?


As part of the bicentennial of Petőfi, we introduce a new, five-part series in FUGA from February on. The series is going to map some iconic moments of the rapid urban development of the capital in the 19th century. Those who join us for discussion are representatives of many different disciplines, and who are connected by drawing parallels between the differences between historic and current cityscapes through the analysis of the Reform-era public spaces, characteristics and problems of Pest-Buda. Historians, literary scientists, sociologists and authors are going to comment phenomena of our capital with the help of historic news articles, literary works, and diary or novel excerpts. Our goal is to understand the multiplicity and colorfulness of the forces shaping our city and are determining our perception of it.