György Petri Award 2020


December 22, 2020. Tuesday 18.00

György Petri Award 2020

The Award Gala is broadcasted live on the FUGA YouTube channel:

In 2010, on the 10th anniversary of the passing of györgy Petri, the N&n Gallery established György Petri Award that is awarded annually on the birthday of the poet. For the Award those – foremost young – poets, writers, drama or essay writers have chances who have not published an individual volume yet. The underlying principle of the award-giving is the originality, ethos and formation of the works.

This year, to the list of nominees for the Award targeting individually unpublished authors contributed a curator among seven pre-nominating members. On December 22, the Petri bagatelle and the publishing opportunity by the Magvető Publishing will be given to one of the eight contenders.

This year the Nomination Committee was extended with four member. Together with the aforementioned change, each committee member asked could have recommended one manuscript – supervised with the author – to the Jury until October 15. Curators were allowed to recommend one-one author for the Award until November 15. This year, only one curator decided to nominee someone, he is László Márton. Apart from him, János Áfra, Ayhan Gökhan, István Csuhai, Kornélia Deres, Anita Harag, Márk Pályi, and Balázs Szálinher nominated. The members of the Curatorium are András Forgách, László Márton, Krisztina Tóth, Szabolcs Várady and previous year’s winner of the Award, Hunor Gál. Of the eight nominess, six are applying with a poetry volume while two of them with novels. The jury will make a decision until December 15. On the ceremony, the Award-winner and two of the others from the shortlist are going to read to the audience. The winner is offered with a double prize: will be awarded with the Petri Bagatelle sculpture by sculptor György Jovánovics and on the other hand, the winner’s first volume will be published in the coming year by the Magvető Publishers. The awarded and their works will be presented in the literary program Belső közlés of Klubrádió.

The list of nominees and their nominators to the György Petri Award 2020:

Bocsik Balázs: Derű – Szálinger Balázs

Eszenyi Fanni: Valaki tapsol – Csuhai István

Kovács Edward: A másik éj – Áfra János

Locker Dávid: Beszédkényszer – Pályi Márk

Székely Márton: A prédikátor könyve – Harag Anita

Szemethy Orsolya: A következő megálló a Boldogság – Márton László

Vados Anna: Nincs véna – Deres Kornélia

Veszprémi Szilveszter: Helyek, ahol rám öröm vár – Ayhan Gökhan