Gestetner stencil-method duplicating machine historical exhibition


Friday, 21st June 2019 at 18.00


open until: 12 07 2019

curator: Major Lajos
supervisors: Szilli József, Ernyey Gyula

The exhibition features a long-forgotten Hungarian inventor Dávid Gestetner (1854–1939) and the historical and contemporary uses of his invention, a stencil process he called Cyclostyle, meaning “wheeled pen”.

The mimeograph, the mechanical ancestor of the Risograph, was used as a tool for underground printing and publishing around the world in most of the twentieth century. The obsolete technology has recently gained new momentum in the world of alternative printing thanks to the Dutch mimeo messiah Erwin Blok.

Erwin plans to bring eight Gestetner mimeo machines and a hacked Ricoh printer to FUGA to create stencils with the help of Árpád Szigeti (Hurrikán Press) and itinerant printer Tamás Novokrescsenszkov (Letterpress Workshop). For two days, mimeo will take over the FUGA exhibition hall with exhibitions, workshops, publications, poetry and non-stop printing.

The exhibition is accompanied by a workshop by Árpád Szigeti (Hurrikán Press), Tamás Novokrescsenskov (Letterpress Workshop) and Dutch artist Erwin Blok.