FUGA Guests

classical music

Sunday, 15th September 2019 at 18.00

Hommage – a unique commemoration of Jenő Pertis, who would be 80 years old this year


Schubert: Kindermarsch D 928

Tchaikovsky – Rachmaninov: Sleeping Beauty, Walz Op. 66 A

Wagner: Der Engel ∙ The Angel (Wesendonck Lieder, Nr. 1)

                   Elegy for piano

                   Träume ∙ Dreams (Wesendonck Lieder, Nr. 5)

Rachmaninov: Prelude in B minor, Op. 32 no.10 

Allegro mosso (4th movement) from the cello-piano sonata in G minor, Op.19

Pertis: Hommage  for Violin, Cello and Piano – Dedicated to István Biller and his students *



                              Korál (Hommage á Bartók)

                              Finale (Hommage á Janácek)

Flute music from Szeklerland

Pertis: Six aphorisms for piano four hands                                                  

               Tört rácsok gitárra     

               Jazz piano improvisations

Family Music – Rearranged Spirituals for piano eight hands

* premier


Kokas Dóra –∙cello, Rajk Judit –  vocalist, Csáki András – guitar, Kelemen Gáspár –violin

Egri & Pertis Duó (Egri Mónika, Pertis Attila) – piano

Pertis Szabolcs – recorder,

Pertis Fanni + Pertis Virág + Pertis Katica + Pertis Botond – piano


sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary