fine arts

March 10, 2022 | Thursday | 17:00

Exhibition of Emő Dobos

opens: Vladimir Péter

finissage: 2022 03 28


Emő Dobos paints internalized pictures – not surprisingly in view of her life story, personality.

She was born in 1943 and raised in Budapest. She belongs to the generation that determined itself in resistance to the official arts and culture and that felt at home in the secondary public through communal networks. To her closer friends belonged the poet István Bálint, who introduced her to the ‘Rottenbiller’ that was already frequented and known by avant-garde circles. ‘Rottenbiller’ was the home of Endre Bálint, Júlia Vajda, József Jakovits, an outstanding venue and location of the then intellectual discourse restricted to private homes. There she found the Lajos Vajda paintings kept in the bedroom storage of the flat filled with work of arts – until then, as almost everyone else, she has not heard of him.

After her final exam, she applied to the College of Fine Arts which refused to take her. Nevertheless, even though not professionally, but she kept her affiliation to painting. In the sixties, times less strongly, times more closely, she moved together with the reawakening avant-garde artists. She was a member of the Dohány Street Home Theater established by her friends, where she contributed to their plays and films. In 1969-70, she participated in the group exhibitions of non-professional artists in the ELTE Eötvös Club and the dormitory of the Technical University of Budapest.

Psychology, the then-rising discipline offered opportunities for a different intellectual adventure, and hence she became the student of Ferenc Mérei, resident therapist at the mental asylum named Lipótmező. She finished all schools and programs, she works as a psychotherapist.

However, she never let painting go – in 2011 she made the decision to let free this affinity, but first she sought what she had no chance for in her youth. She started arts education at the Felszab school of Éva Hidvégi.

She trusts her intuitions, her paintings are internal shots. If we follow them we look forward to having adventures by them: we obtain a right to enter inti a complex universe. The works on display were made in the very last year.