design without borders


07 05 2021 | Friday | 10:30 – 14:00

The design without borders (DWB) exhibition series continues in the online sphere. The initiative is one of the biggest independent exhibitions and multidisciplinary event series in the region that represents the works of designers, furniture designers, textile designers, jewelers and creators of other visual genres and disciplines. The project that has been active for 16 years offered nearly 150 artists from 10 countries a year an opportunity to present themselves. The design without borders exhibitions were always accompanied by numerous events of relevant art disciplines.

The latest exhibition in Budapest, in October 2020, would have been followed by respective exhibitions in Vienna and in Bratislava in 2021, nevertheless, the pandemic had these plans cancelled. However, the exhibition material is now available for everyone without borders, as the organizers established an innovative, multidisciplinary vlog, named DWB VLOG that introduces the works of 153 DWB-related artists from 14 countries in short films of 30-35 seconds. The premiere of the vlog with its 150-plus short film is going to take place on 7th of May.

Along the premiere, the founders hold a gathering in FUGA – Budapest Center of Architecture on May 7, 10:30 to 14:00 that will be followed by a dance etude by Rita Góbi on the music by Dávid Szegő performed with the ‘Futuristic’ collection by Szilvia Szigeti as the set.