Ádám Nádasdy: The Waning Poetry

November 10, 2021 | Wednesday | 17.00

Magvető Kiadó, 2021

About the volume the translator Imre Barna is in talk with Ádám Nádasdy

By reading the workshop diaries of Ádám Nádasdy, one can obtain a rare glimpse into the secrets of literary translation. How is it possible to rewrite a literary work in another language. Do translations for reading or performace differ? How does the practice of a literary translator overrule our knowledge abou the nature of translation? Why and how do different eras translate the dramas of Shakespeare. Why did Dante’s Divine Comedy become the first-ever work of world literature, in today’s sense of the word?

The chaoters of this volume are characterized by the usual clear and enjoyable lecture style of Nádasdy that always contains a surprising but enlighting metaphor.