The 89th Arte Gallery auction

fine arts

26 09 2020 Saturday 11.00

Alongside the graphics, paintings, medals, small sculptures, ceramics and books, there will be a piece of furniture presented on the auction. Works by El Kazovszkij, János Kass, Ilona Keserü, János Kmetty, Dóra Maurer, Márton Barabás, János Fajó, György Galántai, Arnold Gross, István ef Zámbó, Tibor Vilt, András Wahorn.

The exhibition is open from the 14th of September in the Arte Gallery (1053 Budapest, Ferenczy István utca 14.), from 11 am to 6 pm daily.

If the in-person form of the auction is cancelled due to COVID 19, bidding will be available online or via telephone.

We are also participating in the art event “Műtárgyak Éjszakája” this year (September 17-19)! See our website for details.