Tapes Itineris

fine arts

13th May 2019, Monday at 6 pm

exhibiting artists: Bikácsi Daniela, Kelecsényi Csilla, Krajcsovics Éva, Kovács Lola, Kovács Péter, Lévay Jenő, M. Novák András, Mayer Berta, Simonffy Márta, Székelyi Katalin, T. Doromby Mária, Végh András

opened by: Matus István, head architect of Budapest district VI.

curator: Simonffy Márta

open until: 2019 05 09 – 05 27

The size and surface of upholstery allow for attractive, monumental displays, which are complex and colorful representations of thought and imagery.

The raison d’être of painted upholstery in the 21st century is open to diverse interpretations. How is upholstery different from posters and banners? What has it kept from the past? What is its place in contemporary art? /Márta Simonffy, President, Hungarian Association of Fine and Applied Artists/