Tamás Nagy: Educator architect


January 27, 2022 | Thursday | 18:00

Exhibition of MOME Architecture Institute

finissage: 14 02 2022


Tamás Nagy (1951–2020) was one of the most prominent member of Hungarian architecture after the fall of the socialist regime. His church commissions, public buildings, or his book Works and inspirations designed by him, are all meaningful parts of his creative force. However, there is one aspect of his oeuvre that has less attention.

This exhibition pays tribute to his practice as educator as along his private architectural practice, he was teaching for long years, exerting his influence on multiple generations. Tamás Nagy was a prominent faculty member first at the MOME Faculty of Architecture and later of the MOME Architecture Institute. Here, he introduced many reforms that defined the programs. Such as, the re-establishent and professional elevation of the long-lost tradition of the building camps; the introduction of the physical and manual labor into education – which is grounded in the thought that architectural way of thinking is enhanced by the removal of oneself from the scratch board through the first contact with structural-material problems. The „yellow books” were published for 15 years, in which Tamás Nagy shared his own inspiratory methodology to the students.

On the exhibition, we reflect on Tamás Nagy’s heritage through the recollection of former students and fellow faculty members of his. The exhibit is of two larger parts: on the one hand, we take a look at what Tamás Nagy gave to the broader and wider community; on the other hand, we provide an opportunity for every visitor with an interactive installation to participate in a creation of a permanent artwork and to pay tribute to Tamás Nagy.

The exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund Architectural Collegium

Colleagues: Tamás Bene, Flóra Farkas, Sára Farkas, Laura Jóföldi, Zoltán Nagy, Tilla Pálinkás-Szűcs, Áron Vass-Eysen, Dorottya Zachár