Spidron Tribe

fine arts

Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 19.00

Spidron Tribe
Exhibition by Dániel Erdély summarizing 40 years of research

opened by cellist András Kaszanyitzky 

open until: 2020 01 27

I folded the first Spidron in 1979 when Ernő Rubik gave us a homework assignment to fold some kind of accordion out of paper. He was astonished by the Spidron, I can still hear his quiet words: “I have never seen anything like this!” Since then, the Spidron has been recognized world-wide as a unique type of geometric figure. Recently, three mathematicians have come up with the equation for Spidron movement. There are many uses for non-stretch folding, we are currently exploring how it can be used for shock absorption during an earthquake. The exhibition will present some new prototypes as well, which were developed using the findings of the research.

/Dániel Erdély/