Space Operations


Thursday, 9 January 2020, 17.00

Exhibition of Space Composition course 2019, BUTE, Faculty of Architecture

curator: Katalin Fazekas DLA, architect, assistant lecturer

Opening remarks by Mihály Balázs DLA, head of department, professor, head of The Doctoral School of Architecture

opened by György Alföldi DLA, dean of BUTE Faculty of Architecture

open until: 2020 01 13

Space composition is the creative course of Architect student’s preparatory year’s first semester at BUTE. Students study the basics of architectural space composition during the classes. The aim of the course is to develop CREATIVITY, and to provide a deeper knowledge of the nature of CREATING ARCHITECTURAL SPACES.

The assignments of the course serve as OPPORTUNITIES – students solve ABSTRACT space creational problems through design assignments. While working on these problems and during their thorough evaluation, they become familiar with the basic concepts of ARCHITECTURAL SPACE, standard types of spaces and the basics of architectural drawing and modeling. Another important goal of the course is that the students understand the meaning of CONCEPT and learn how to elaborate on it consistently. This knowledge will be the base of the process of architectural design in the forthcoming semesters.