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fine arts

Wednesday, 26 February 2020, 18.00

Video installations by Vály Sándor (FIN)

open until: 2020 03 15

The hero of Vály‘s films is the archetypical creative artist who shares the secrets of creation with the audience. The exalted creative process is portrayed in a cartoonish way, evoking the world of silent films. The piano in the room can be freely used by anyone to accompany the films.

The filmmaker says: “My short films are about those moments, which are silently, invisibly present even in the most serious works; the laughter, the humor we need to endure life, but most of all, to endure ourselves.

My topics address our eternal struggle with time, privacy, communication, transience and death – great things that often poison the creator’s life, yet he could not live without them. This perverse paradox inspires the creator. But as compensation, he gets those festive moments when you lie down in bed with your muse and experience the beauty, delight, eroticism of life that will give you strength until the next battle.”

Sándor Vály is a Hungarian fine artist and media artist living in Finland. He recently brought an exhibition to Hungary for the first time in 30 years: in June last year, he brought his Gothic hologram installation to Pécs, which is currently exhibited at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Rome. His art is characterized by a conceptual and philosophical dimensions, whether it comes to painting, sculpture, music, film or literature.