Offline. MOME Designer Making 2021


October 8, 2021 | Friday | 18.00

program of the Budapest Design Week 2021

finissage: 2021 10 22


The MOME Designer Making in 2021 integrates the traditional handcraft and related designer professions (silversmith, jewelry design, ceramics and glass designs), technics and materials with the latest up-to-date, innovative technologies, material research results and new medium, giving a answer through the lens of a contemporary creator our era’s challenges.

The exhibition presents the MOME Designer Making academic program and its vision through objects directing the viewers from the present to the future. Despite the fact that 2021 was a year of online presence, the material on display by the Designer Making BA; Jewelry and Metal Design MA and the Ceramics Design MA shows the latest diploma works that are fully representing the contemporary quality of the professional and designer abilities and the determined designer approach harnessed within our institution.

The exhibition is accompanied by multiple programs: workshops, round table talks whose topics are the present and future situation of designer making.