Look into my eyes!

fine arts

Friday, 21 February 2020, 16.00

An interactive art-psychology lecture on the changes in the human eye and soul           

If you want to read in the eyes of others, this lecture is for you! We’ve all heard that the eye is the window to the soul. If this is true, does this mean that we should be able to read someone’s mental state from their eyes? How are the feelings and changes reflected by the eyes captured in painting and sculpture? … And how do we read all these? Can we read in the eyes of the models of works of art?

In this interactive presentation, we look into the eyes of models of famous and lesser known works of art and try to find out their thoughts and feelings.

What you will need: observation skills, openness and a cell phone.

Presenter: Katona Júlia PhD art historian, workshop instructor, lectureticket: 1.500.- Ft, diák ∙ students: 900.-F

Tickets sold in FUGA