Jancsó 100 – The Master and his friends

September 20, 2021. Monday. 17:00 

Budapest Autumn Festival

A joint memorial series by the Friends of Miklós Jancsó and the Republikon Foundation

finissage: September 30, 2021

host: András B.Vágvölgyi

Laudation by Márta Mészáros and János Kende


film: Miklós Jancsó, Zsuzsa Csákány, Károly Ari

photo: János Kende, Ferenc Grunwalsky, Nyika Jancsó, Zsuzsa Vajda

text: Miklós Jancsó, József Marx

film and theater placards

On the day of his 100th birthday, his family, colleagues, friends and followers are remembering the renowned and definitive actor of the Hungarian film and theater. A photo exhibition of works eternalizing the Master frames the program series that is built around the never or rarely seen shots of those closest to the artist – Nyika Jancsó, János Kende and Ferenc Grünwalsky. The photos are accompanied by archive placards of Jancsó films and behind-the-scenes films from the archives. On September 27, István Verebes is in talk with actors who worked regularly with Jancsó, while on the 29th, András B. Vágvölgyi moderates a talk of outstanding, contemporary Hungarian filmmakers about the ever-meaningful oeuvre.