03 02 2021 –  15 02 2021


opens: Zsolt Vasáros, Rita Terbe Rita, Gergely Sági

The listed TDK (Scientific Student Conference) topics of our Department have been met with significant popularity from year to year, soon for a decade. To our joy, the conference took place with as intensive interest and participation as in the previous years, despite the tougher circumstances, the insecurity due to the pandemic and the digital venue that was unusual for everyone. In 2020, the Industrial Department opened four sections in which nearly 50 students participated with 23 dissertations.

The four planning sections seemingly covered four distinctive topics, however, their in-depth message of theirs indicated the same principle: the resumption, the experience of re-discovery.  The ‘BEIRUT’ section sought the ways of reconstruction following the blast that destroyed the city’s port and its surroundings in last August; the ‘COMFORT’ section sought answers for the growing comfort problems given by the climate crisis based on simple and common sense architectural solutions instead of our over-mechanized buildings; the “LOCUS” section discussed historic buildings bound to locality and defined by a strong identity that are looking for their place in our ever-changing world, while the “TERRA” section sought to disclose opportunities to utilize outdated facilities in the overwhelmingly agricultural Hungarian countryside.


participating students:

Ákos Balczó

Luca Béres

Antal Dóka

Tímea Czap

Viktória Czirkó

Edit Farkas

Csenge Faur

Fruzsina Fercsik

Natália Ferenczi

Anna Gugi

Barnabás Illés

Anna Istók

Stefánia Anna Jackó

Boldizsár Janda

Júlia Juhász

Péter Kaknics

Gergő Kalocsai

Erik Kálmán

Borbála Kányádi

Fanni Ágota Kovács

Blanka Kukolya

Eszter Laczkó

Anikó Marinkás

Klára Mohay

Bence Móré

Csongor Nyíri

Alexandra Papp

András Paragi

Anett Paragi

Tamás Révész

Milán Samicskov

Patrik Simon

Bettina Solymosi

Anna Stadler

Dorottya Szabó

Csenge Szalai

Viktória Szűcs

Bence Tóth

Kincső Tóth

Réka Angéla Varga

Bendegúz Zacher

Anna Zsanda



Dóra Dávid

Gábor Fábián DLA

Szabolcs Helfrich DLA

Zsófia Horváth-Farkas

Boldizsár Medvey

Iván Nagy DLA

Tibor Pálóczi

Gergely Sági

Péter-Róbert Szabó

Csaba Szikra

Péter Szűcs

Rita Terbe DLA

Zsolt Vasáros DLA



Beirut section: author: Antal Dóka, Milán Samicskov, superv.: Zsolt Vasáros DLA

Comfort section: author: Edit Farkas, superv.: Zsolt Vasáros DLA

Locus section: author: Péter Kaknics, Bendegúz Zacher, superv.: Zsolt Vasáros DLA

Terra section: author: Barnabás Illés, Erik Kálmán, superv.: Zsolt Vasáros DLA


Funded by the National Cultural Fund