#HARMINC. An architect bridging two centuries


Thursday, 30 January 2020, 17.00

An architect bridging two centuries

open until: 2020 02 17

Exhibition curator: Jana Pohaničová
Authors of the exhibition texts: Jana Pohaničová, Peter Vodrážka
organizers: Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Slovakia, TRIO Publishing, Ltd, Bratislava, Slovakia

Partners and cooperation:
The Slovak Institute in Budapest, Hungary

Sponsored by the Slovak Arts Council

Architect of the center and the countryside, a man whose creativity bridged two centuries, a self-made man – all these descriptions fit Mihály M. Harminc (1869 – 1964), one of the leading figures of Slovak architecture. Harminc was born a hundred and fifty years ago in the Serbian town of Kulpin; we can now look back at his remarkable oeuvre and provide an objective appraisal. In total, he designed more than three hundred buildings in the territory of the old Austro-Hungary (now Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia). Above all, he was an eclectic artist who was able to respond flexibly to contemporary architectural trends. His work simultaneously features a range of traditional architectural styles as well as modernism and functionalism. Despite his extraordinary contribution, however, he remained unknown and underappreciated for a long time, both at home and abroad.