Gio Ponti


November 18, 2021 | Thursday | 18.00

Subjective selection from the ouevre of Gio Ponti

finissage: 06 12 2021

Tamás Dévényi, architect
Tamás Karácsony, architect

Those responsible for the exhibition material, co-producers:
Ádám Arnóth, architect
Tamás Dévényi, architect
Bálint Juhász, art historian
Tamás Karácsony, architect
Rózsa Lampert, architect
Miklós Péterffy, architect
István Balázs Vass, architect

Gábor U. Nagy, architect

Participants of the Gio Ponti memorial event:
András Ferkai, art historian of architecture
Zsuzsanna Ordasi, art historian
Ágnes Anna Sebestyén, art historian
And other volunteers

Student works:
The former Szent Istvan University, now Óbuda University Miklós Ybl Architecture Faculty, Planning
Department, course of Tamás Dévényi

Graphic design:
Zsolt Czakó graphic designer

Why do we have to know Gio Ponti? Gio Ponti (09 18 1891 – 09 16 1979), Italian architect, was an
important creator of his age. His multifold qualities are astonishing: apart from architecture. He was an
industrial designer, furniture designer, artist of fine and applied arts, teacher, writer and the ppublisher of

the famed DOMUS. His ouevre is globally outstanding. However, in Hungary he is far from being a kitchen
table name. The goal of our small group is to ameliorate this lack of knowledge.
Our interest emerged in the previous years. After individual researches, a cooperative teamwork
and joint research with newer and newer works appearing in the archives ended with a material that is rich
and exciting.

The first common point in thinking behind the creation of the exhibition was to rethink Ponti
together with other schools of architecture in Hungary. Then the idea was reduced: this exhibition is just a
light, brief get-together with Ponti. Our small group offers a glimpse into our collection so far – browsing
among the photos of the selected works and among the subjective thoughts regarding the same works. As
regards the aforementioned cooperation with other schools, a university course came alive – with the
leadership of Tamás Dévényi students created reflections inspired by Ponti in two semesters at the Miklós
Ybl Architecture Faculty. These works are also on display. They clearly represent the mid-20th century
works' up-to-date, formative power. Some further students from the BME Architecture Faculty joined this
effort with their spatial compositions enriching the exhibition.

Spatial composition: BME Architecture Faculty Housing Planning Department, TT2, course of Zsófia Dankó,
Balázs Falvai, Péter Sugár, Dávid Török