Finta Studio 25


26 08 2021 / Thursday / 18.00

opens: György Skardelli, architect

finissage: 17 09 2021

To the exhibition of the 25-year-old Finta Studio


For having a good team, numerous things are need, foremost creative, determined and hard-working colleagues. However, just as important to have a leader, a professional paragon who is also capable of building a community and keeping it together. József Finta, 86 as of today, was surrounded by a team all the time, who contributed to the plans and buildings of the past 60 years. For 26 years, it has been the Finta Studio: at first it was the Finta studio in LAKÓTERV and it kept extending and refreshening as newer and newer deals came. Today it is the workplace of nearly 40 architects and their helpers.

An exhibition to a certain extent is also a summary: what we achieved, what is the strength of this community, what are our goals? The achieved results are to be seen on the displayed tableaus: the exhibits concentrate mostly on the past ten years, nevertheless, the scale and diversity of the buildings are still detectable. We believe that for our customers, we created useful buildings representing an accessible, high-quality architecture. Together with József Finta, we think that architecture is a serious game, and we see all our edifices as individual and unrepeatable, thus using carefully the diverse worldviews and up-to-date technical knowledge of our colleagues. We hope that we could and can work together with international offices partnering with us as equal partners creating added values.

We commit ourselves to the balanced ratio between permanency and continuous renewal. One of the strengths of our studio and the major result of the past quarter of a century is the intellectual community built on a conversation and argument of our architects, from the active and experienced ones of retirement age to the freshmen. We would like to embrace this strength for further national and international jobs. This exhibition is also an excellent excuse for thanking our clients, and current and former colleagues.



supported by the National Culture Fund