ÉS Salon 2021

fine arts

Oktober 1, 2021 | Friday | 18:00

curator: Gábor Kozák

opens: Péter György, aesthete

finissage: 2021 10 18


Exhibiting artists: József Baksai, Ágnes Bartók, István ef Zámbó, László Fehér, László feLugossy, József Gaál, Áron Gábor, Sári Gerlóczy, István Haász, Kata Könyv, Tamás Kopasz, Albert Kováts, Éva Krajcsovics, Ákos Matzon, István Nádler, Gábor Roskó, István Sinkó, Péter Stefanovits, Károly Szikszai, László Szotyori, József Szurcsik, Miklós Szüts, Erzsébet Vojnich

those who passed away: Bada Dada, El Kazovszkij, Péter Kovács, Róbert Šwierkiewicz, Dezső Tandori

„I have been a curator, yes indeed, I have had a conception at all times, I have not only just placed the works here and there, I have selected them, I have edited the catalogues with images (this is a book either just generally thinner), I have worded the invitation, the placard, I have done the proof-correcting, trained my artist as a trainer their sportsman. I have been a curator, who even took care of closing the doors out against the rules if there was a way too large crowd before the vernissage.” (János Frank: The curator, Élet és Irodalom, January 16, 2004)

The article from Frank was written towards the end of his career and life when the meaning of the word curator expanded, which was used by the newcomers for those art historian who had been organizing exhibits and writing art critique. To the denial of this did refer the yes indeed. And this question, the relationship between the tradition and reform is present at the ÉS exhibition of 2021, in the main hall of FUGA.

supported by the National Culture Fund