Érdi Péter: Ranking


Book Launch

Érdi Péter: Ranking (Rangsorolás)
Oxford University Press, 2019

host: György Kampis (Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem ∙ Eötvös Loránd University)

The book is introduced by Judit Gébert (University of Szeged), Katalin Lábán (RS9 Theater) and Péter Mihályi (Corvinus)

In his new book, Péter Érdi, a teacher of complex systems, writes about a phenomenon that pervades our daily lives. We see and make lists rating people, schools, countries, products on a daily basis. Our relationship to ranking is paradoxical: ranking is good because it is informative and objective; bad because it is distorted, subjective and sometimes even manipulated.

The Oxford University Press publication was written for a wide readership. The entertaining publication explores the hidden laws of ranking through examples from the fields of culture, politics, and science. The reader will enjoy the intellectual adventure of understanding why it is so difficult to navigate between subjective and objective judgments. Rankings are based on data and algorithms. We must be careful to base our decisions on the right combination of natural and artificial intelligence.