építész stúdió 30


Exhibition and book launch

open: 10 09 2020 – 28 09 2020

The Építész Stúdió turned 30 years old this year. This is a good time to pause, take a moment and look back on everything that happened. The result of this overview: a book and an exhibition presenting the studio’s projects of three decades.

1990, # 001: EXPO application. The very first job.

After that: Graphisoft Park, # 094. Market at Fény utca, #107. End of the 90’s: Alkotás Point, # 132. Elementary School in Medve utca, # 142. Barbakán in Pécs, # 168, and after reaching 200, the Kodály Center in Pécs, # 228. Mobilis in Győr, # 259, Széll Kálmán tér, # 300, Budapest.

We consider this exhibition as a special project too, this is # 477.

There have been some exceptional projects, favorites, well-known and lesser-known commissions since 1990. In order to give an authentic image of this period we should strive for completeness. For this reason we decided not to leave out any of our projects – either from the book or the exhibition. We wanted to show these 30 years in a way we haven’t ourselves have seen it before. Remembering all of our projects and all of the contributors. Everything as a whole.

Just like a house, an exhibition can not be complete without its audience. Please, make a contribution, let’s create something together and the rest should be a surprise!


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