Friday, 24 January 2020, 19.00

Photo exhibition by Sára Sebestyén
opened by: Szöllősi-Nagy András

open until: 2020 02 17

Élek. The title of the exhibition is a Hungarian homonym denoting two completely unrelated meanings, “I live” and “sharp edges”. The exhibition reveals a deeper connection between these meanings.

From a compositional standpoint, the most striking characteristics of Sára Sebestyén’s works are the fine harmony of light and shadow, the exciting play of textures, and the balance of shapes and proportions. The photographs are the imprints of visual correction through the eyes of a photographer coming from an interior design background, smoothing out unevenness and disparities.

The works show the tiny, hidden beauties of our daily lives, which can only be brought to focus through the eyes of an artist. Sebestyén brings the touch of a fine artist to classic photographic themes, resulting in a fresh approach. Therein lies the other, personal meaning of the word “élek“. /art historian Borbála Jász/

This is an important milestone in my photographic career, which started unexpectedly and progressed rather rapidly within a short period of time. I took the exhibited photos in different European locations over the past few years. My geometric, constructive compositions mostly feature street themes and architectural details. I follow lines, attracted by shadows, shapes, rays of light, EDGES. /Sára Sebestyén/