CANCELLED / Bedécs Sándor


Thursday, 19 March 2020, 16.00


Book Launch

Bedécs Sándor interior designer
Bookseries by MÉK Interior Design Department

The book is presented by: György Fekete, professor emeritus interor designer

Roundtable discussion: Rózsa Csavarga, Judit Láng, István Szenes, Irén Vörös, Kristóf Bedécs, Mónika Bedécs

Moderator: Judit O. Ecker

Sándor Bedécs graduated as an interior designer at the Academy of Applied arts in Budapest in 1953, was the student of Gyula Káesz and László Hornicsek. He became a furniture designer and was to design „good quality, appropriate-sized, economic and nice utility-furniture to meet the requirements of the socialist design.
Sándor Bedécs and his contemporaries soon realized the changing position of interior designers: they were to design great-sized interiors and functional systems like hospitals, theaters, libraries, hotels and other public buildings. The book aims to commemorate Sándor Bedécs, who died at the age of 52, and whom younger generations do not know about at all.
/Judit O. Ecker/