Budapest Architectural Award 2020


The Budapest Chamber of Architects established an Award in order to encourage the development of the architectural culture, to make the cityscape-defining architectural works and architects known and renown, and to move forward the successful cooperation between clients and architects. The Awards seeks to place the spotlight on works whose architectural quality is outstanding and its effect is obviously positive for both the clients and users. On the exhibition the competitors are on display nominated for the application supported by the Budapest Capital Municipality. On the previous Award galas it has been proved: there is an extraordinary need for placing the final works built within the borders of Budapest to the spotlight and that both the professionals and the lay audience pay attention to them.


Jury of the 2020 competition:


Dávid Dorosz Deputy Mayor for Climate Protection and Development (Head of the Jury);

Zoltán Erő Budapest chief architect;

Sándor Bardóczi chief landscape architect of Budapest;

Balázs Csapó architect, head of Budapest Chamber of Achitects;

Noémi Soltész architect;

Jan Stempel architect (Czechia);

Levente Szabó DLA architect;

Zsolt Zsuffa DLA architect


For the 2020 competition 17 valid works were sent. The Award was given to the Vizafogó Kindergarten (District XIII, Vizafogó sétány 4, architects: Archikon Építésziroda, client: Budapest Capital District XIII District Municipality)