Bauhaus Up!

fine arts

12 09 2020 – 11 10 2020

Works of the students of the SZIE Kaposvár Campus Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Arts related to Bauhaus: adaptations, paraphrases, rethinking

Curator: Anna Szigethy DLA

In one way or another, Bauhaus was a central theme in more than 15 courses at the Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Arts of the University of Kaposvár in the spring semester of 2018–2019. Some courses dealt with Bauhaus in regard to its teachers, history, mission or specific Bauhaus artefacts – and resulted in works such as the multimedia design Hommage á Moholy-Nagy, diverse experiments with analogous photographic techniques, light-space installations, educational films about the history of Bauhaus in Hungary, or rethinking iconic artefacts in motion picture, animation or a range of specific installations. Another group of courses tried to tackle problems of today’s world with inspiration from Bauhaus, problems such as the material aspects of our culture or our responses to consumer society. The result: experimental typography posters and photo series, or installations with a focus on time.

In the course of this exhibition, a close selection of the best works are presented from our students of motion picture, graphic design, painting and photography, which nevertheless go far beyond the standard of student work. Just as in the Bauhaus, we worked in several genres and with as many media as possible. We tried to address all design problems with the widest variety of tools possible, and as an outcome the exhibition includes not only graphic designs (such as posters, prints or drawings), but also videos, animations, and different installations, experimental photographs. / Anna Szigethy /

Program of the Design Week Budapest 2020