fine arts

27 08 2021 / Friday / 18.00

Exhibition of artist Márton Cserny

On the opening music by the artist

finissage: 20 09 2021

The works of the latest Aquareals series are following the earlier series (Sablontázs, Hegedűk, etc.) of the artist. He uses the motifs of the series again and again, with different meanings in each application. The chosen frame at the moments is a simplified layout of church, sometimes filled with repetitive geometric elements in a baroque density. Each painting is valid as part of the series, pictorial signs, patterns, network assemblage of conveyances, creating points of feedback to the source. Every motive can be a starting point or a point of passage. The patchiness of the watercolor interrupts the orderly circular forms. With the continuous series following each other the artist seeks to answers questions raised by himself.

Supported by the National Cultural Fund