Ansnitt Filmclub


Monday, 20th May 2019 at 19.00

Costume Workshop Series 2019 

Huszárik Zoltán: Sinbad (1971)

Program by Film-Virage Kulturális

presenters: Dr. Ildikó Kárpáti aesthete and the Ansnitt Filmklub team

Based on Gyula Krúdy’s Sindbad stories, the 1971 film is an outstanding piece of Hungarian film history. Zoltán Huszárik‘s first feature film is notable not only for its legendary casting (just to mention a few actors: Zoltán Latinovits, Éva Ruttkai, Margit Dajka, Anna Nagy, Erika Szegedi, Györgyi Andai), but also for its picturesque and brilliantly designed visual world (cinematography: Sándor Sára, macro photography: József Gujdár). Kossuth Prize-winning costume designer Nelly Vágó‘s (1937–2006) costumes fit perfectly within this art nouveau world.

After the screening, we will delve into the renowned designer’s works (Cats’ Play, Hanussen, etc.), but first we will dissect the visuals of Sindbad, with its perfect compositions, layered message, and diverse possible interpretations.