A Hold fogat mos

fine arts

Thursday, 12 December 2019, 18.00

A Hold fogat mos

Exhibition by Hermina Alkotócsoport

exhibiting artists: antalaci, Bali János, Bolcsó Bálint, Hatházi Gabriella, Horváth Balázs, Kedves Csanád, Kertész Krisztián, Lakatos Áron, Megyeri Krisztina, Muntag Lőrinc, Nádas Eszter, Nagy Zsófia, Peternák Anna, Peternák Zsigmond, Piros Boróka, Rubik Ernő Zoltán, Tillmann Hanna, Váczi Dániel

open until: 2019 01 07

When we get trapped outside the boundaries of a world, the things we leave behind do not cease to exist. Childhood is a world of peculiar laws that we seem to lose touch with at some point in life, but it actually remains with us, appearing in the form of secret signals in the complex web of our relationships, decisions, and actions. Retrospection is possible, though it requires a great deal of focus. We can get close to our childhood during parenting, creating, or therapy, or through a combination of all three. The exhibited works were also created for this purpose. Our approach is much more about experiencing (or re-experiencing) than nostalgia (reflection). Instead of simplicity, we look for the complexity that unfolds underneath the surface. Instead of the naive, we look for new expressions that remain to be explored. Instead of looking for a cloudless, carefree state, as envisioned by adult society, we want to navigate in a terrible mess. We seek to explore the seriousness and the liberating power of play, and its survival through experimental creative work. We see a forest not as a potential park, a messy room not as a cry for order, but as unrestrained forces of nature.

Hermina Alkotócsoport has participated in the Átlátszó Hang New Music Festival since 2016, their audiovisual performances and guided tours usually take place on day zero of the festival. The group was named after the Hermina Gallery, founded by Kálma Katona in 2015. The Herminamező contemporary art exhibition hall closed after two years, but the creative group has remained active. They have organized exhibitions, concerts, interactive guided exhibition tours, workshops and performances at various venues (Ludwig Museum, Budapest Gallery, FUGA, Vasarely Museum, MAMÜ Gallery, MODEM). Their most recent exhibition was in the Barcsay Hall of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Átjáró, 2019). The group is composed of artists, composers and performers, whose aim is to create collaborative works that help the audience as well as the creators themselves to better understand the relationship between music and visuality. The groups first show titled Kímélő program was hosted by the FUGA Budapest Center for Architecture in 2018; this is the second time they have been invited to perform at FUGA. The groups composers are regular participants and organizers of the CentriFUGA concert series.