We are looking for photos from the past 10 years of FUGA

Dear Contributors and Visitors!

We are compiling a book for FUGA’s 10th anniversary, but unfortunately we hosted many programs of which we have no photos in our archives.

If you have high-quality photos of one of our events, please send them to us, and don’t forget to tell us the name of the photographer as well.

Many thanks!

The FUGA team

FUGA turns 10

Dear Guests, Partners, past, present and future Visitors of FUGA!

We are approaching a milestone: in October 2019, we will be celebrating FUGA’s 10th anniversary.

To mark the occasion, we will host a one-week series of events from October 1, packed with all the usual types of events from FUGA’s repertoire: there will be architecture, fine arts, photography, literature, and music. FUGA’s gate will be open from early morning until late at night, offering a medley of international conferences, auctions, exhibitions, and conversations, with music concluding each evening. After releasing a book on FUGA’s first ten years, on October 7th, World Architecture Day, we turn the page to another ten years to come. You won’t have to worry about bringing a birthday gift; instead, we will provide them: if you purchase a raffle ticket, you can win a volume from FUGA’s bookstore. For us, the best present is your presence.

We will keep you informed of the details.