RIPPL Photography MA 2019


Thursday, 13th June 2019 at 10.00

Public thesis defence

Graduates: Acsai-Fehér Veronika, Balogh Viktória, Nyíri Barbara, Vadászi Zoltán

Since 2014, FUGA has hosted the Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Arts thesis defense events and diploma exhibitions. The first class of the photography master program is graduating this year. We consider the photography master to be an intellectual training course, where autonomous artists seeking independent paths are empowered to build lifelong artistic and research careers, capable of constant creative renewal, while maintaining a critical approach to media use. The public final exam is a summary of the results and lessons of the past two years; it consists of defending the graduation project and the master’s thesis. The fresh graduates’ works will be displayed at the exhibition.

Teachers: Baki Péter, Gyenis Tibor, Károly Sándor Áron, Molnár Ágnes Éva, Pecsics Mária, Szatmári Gergely