Homes of the Future Architectural Competition Award


Friday, 21st June 2019 at 10.00

Award ceremony

Country house in Kisszékely

The third Jövő Otthonai (Homes of the Future) Architectural Competition was inspired by the cultural heritage of Kisszékely: during their retirement years, writer Ervin Lázár and his wife Zsuzsa Vathy spent their summers living in an old house they bought in the village. In addition to the memorial house in their former vacation home, their memory is also preserved by thematic tourist routes. The aim of the competition was to draw the attention of artists who are sensitive to architectural heritage and natural values ​​to the small village in Tolna.

The entries are evaluated by a professional jury composed of 5 renowned architects and university professors: Tamás Czigány, Balázs Marián, Levente Szabó, Tamás Szentirmai, Gábor U. Nagy.

The general aim of the competition series is to promote closer cooperation between architects and the construction industry. Its next installation will be the Style&Draw interior design competition, which focuses on the interior design of the country house in Kisszékely. The competition series was created by Viktor Nemess, with Tamás Herczeg’s professional consulting.