CANCELLED / Drug war and modern American slavery


Thursday, 19 March 2020, 19.00


Lecture of Pesti Bölcsész Akadémia

Drug war and modern American slavery

Presented by: Bence Pesenyánszki

The failure of the War on Drugs announced in the 1970s in USA has become obvious in the recent years, still little is known about its the political background, original aims and a little more about the consequences still difficult to foresee. What is the connection between drug wars and civil rights movement, the Ferguson riots in 2014, American aids and the Republican Party? What is the state of the American drug politics.The presentation aims to reconstruct the American prohibiting drug politics and its role in the future of global drug politics.

Bence Pesenyánszki is a PhD student at ELTE Doctoral School of History. His research focuses on the relation of contemporary American society to racial problems and reveals hidden connections between the correlations of social problems.